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Calculating conduct credits for time served prior to sentencing.

Pre-Sentence Conduct Credits Calculator – Penal Code section 4019

March 21, 2014

Pre-Sentence Conduct Credits Calculator

A few notes:
This calculator assumes:

The defendant’s conduct was satisfactory.1
The defendant has [...]

  1. Conduct credits are only available to defendants if it appears from the record that the prisoner has satisfactorily performed labor and complied with the rules. (Pen. Code, § 4019.)  

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Choosing the right business form in California can help small businesses put all the pieces together.

What Business Form Should I Choose? Starting A Small Business in California

June 19, 2013

Having a great business idea is just the first step in creating a small business. Almost as important is choosing the best business form to protect your business, your family, and your assets.

In California, there are six primary business forms:

The corporation.
The limited liability company.
General [...]

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